Salvage Yard Finds

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September 7, 2012 by cjgrows

On the way up to Maine saw a few side of the road antique and salvage shops that looked interesting but after hours and hours of driving we really just wanted to be there! When we happened upon The Treasures and Trash Barn we literally pulled a U-turn in the road and went back to look around. We were really glad we did! We found all kinds of great stuff.

This awesome lobster man carved out of a tree holding a little fisherman!

We found this old ice chopping machine for chipped ice. If we had more room in the car this definitely would have come home with me. Not that I would have known what to do with it but i really like the shape. Turned it into a lamp maybe. Cleaned it up and stacked books under it on a side table?

Where else but in Maine (and most of New England) would you find syrup buckets.

Could you imagine having to wring out all of your clothes. and then still hang them. It’s not the physical labor that turns me off to the idea just the amount of time in a day I would have to spend thinking about laundry! I would bet I would wear my clothes more than a few times between washings…They had stacks of these blueberry bins. One of which came home with me! I love it i haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet though. I also found this orange marmalade jar that I scooped up and will use as a vase for some short flowers.



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